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Episode 19 - Forecasting 2022 with Greg Swan — Marketing Shifts, the Metaverse, NFTs, Social Media, Web3 and more...

Episode Summary

This episode of The Business Conversation Podcast features Greg Swan, Head of Creative Innovation at Fallon. Some very big shifts are coming to the world at large with the creation of Metaverse and the unstoppable rise of NFTs. Greg shares how he uses social signals to use learnings from the past to shed light on the patterns of today, ultimately shaping what tomorrow becomes. He explains the need to have more than one marketing channel to ensure longevity and how central and decentralized networks will dominate life soon. For marketers, Grey suggests to remain curious to keep learning and adapting to rapid changes in technology. Even with NFTs, a little reflection reveals that its success is actually rooted in human nature and the desire to collect and have ownership.

Episode Notes


01:33 Social signals: Learning from the past to prepare for the future

03:59 For marketers: The metaverse, rise of NFTs, and the need for multiple channels

07:44 The "Yes, and..." approach and creating a curious culture

12:31 Metaverse: Implications on marketing and decentralized zones

23:02 NFTs and the idea of provenance is rooted in human nature

29:25 Overhaul data gathering, stay curious, and keep learning as technology changes

34:51 Focusing on emerging technologies and new consumer habits post-pandemic


09:46 "I'm not advocating for hustle culture. But what I am advocating for is a curious culture. Constantly learning, thinking about where are we today? Where have we been? Where are we going? that might mean that you're going to rethink how you approach work, how you lead your teams, how you engage with your client."

18:30 "The dark web... where you can still go seek out websites that are not archived in Google... unless you know the URL, you can't access it. And some of that stuff is bad. And some of that stuff is good, which is exactly as it was in the early days of the internet. It will be the same thing within metaverse."

26:15 "If you think about provenance and who owns what, you think about collectibles, you think about the history of access, and then the history of celebrity and exclusivity. This is why NFTs matter." 

32:12 "The first thing that you have to do as an executive, as a thought leader, as a modern marketer, no matter what level you are at your career is just admit you don't know everything. You're not an expert. You got a lot to learn. And the best way to learn is to be curious and to try things."

38:58 "I believe if we're not living in the center of change, we've already been left behind. We have to embrace the change and we have to run to the front and say, here is coming, where can we point it? What can we do? Because to not do that is to literally be left behind, and that's not where I want to be."

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