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Episode 22 - How busy business owner and executives can find the time to share their POVs online with Mike & Gaby Grinberg

Episode Summary

This episode of The Business Conversation Podcast features Gaby and Mike Grinberg of Proofpoint Marketing. The husband and wife duo share valuable insight on the world of content marketing and the lessons they learned as entrepreneurs bootstrapping their business. Gaby and Mike talk about creating an effective content marketing strategy in many platforms, but focus on Linkedin as a platform for business owners to share their point of view. As professional content marketers, they talk about finding inspiration, pacing your posting strategy, as well as dealing with burnout that can come with content creation.

Episode Notes



Gaby: “People do business with people that they know, like and trust. And one of the singular most important ways that everyone out there can create that rapport and build that likeability factor and that trust factor, and that credibility factor, is through online content.”

Mike: “I don't believe in work-life balance. I believe in work-life integration, which is I don't think you can do great work without having a solid life structure, neither can you live a great life without doing meaningful work.”

Gaby: “For anyone listening, if you're struggling, if you're debating, oh should I do it, should I not do it: do it because it's invaluable. It's invaluable to have your name out there, to have your point of view be heard, and to create those relationships.”

Mike: “Whether you like it or not, whoever you are, whether you're an engineer, whether you're an architect, whether you're a business owner, whether you're a marketer or a salesperson, you are always selling something. You are selling yourself, you're selling your ideas.”

Gaby: "Content is today's currency. Content can happen anywhere, anytime if you're open to it, if you're thinking about it."

Mike: "An executive that says I don't have time, what they're really saying is I don't think this is valuable. I don't see enough value in spending my time posting on LinkedIn. I can do something more important with my time."

Gaby: “It's okay to also pace yourself, come up with a plan that's sustainable for you, and know when it's okay to pull back. Know that even the best content creators, even the most prolific content creators have pauses, they take breaks and they are strategic about when and how they post.”

Gaby: “Be inspired by what you see but also take the time to be unstructured in your thinking and come up with your own unique take on content creation.”

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